Ohio Defense Industry Association
ODIA Mission  
The mission of the Ohio Defense Industry Association is to support and promote the defense industry in Ohio and positively impact public policy in support of our members and warfighters.

 ODIA provides a forum for defense industry officials to network, develop partnership and strategic relationships, identify business opportunities, solve technical challenges and other activities to improve and grow the defense industry in Ohio. 

“Ohio’s defense industry has more than a $13 billion economic impact on the state of Ohio with more than 66,000 jobs and hundreds of contractors. We need to come together to support our defense community for both our economic and national security.”
Congressman Steve Stivers
Ohio is a major player in national security:
  • $13 billion economic impact on Ohio More than 
  • $7 billion in annual defense spending. 
  • More than 60,000 military, civilian and contractor defense jobs. More than 10% of state exports 13 Federal installations. 
  • Hundreds of medium and small companies looking to expand and grow.
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Dave Celona, Executive Director
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Ohio Defense Industry Association
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Webmaster: info@ohiodefenseindustry.com